Prepare Banga Soup the African Way

Banga soup is one of the best nourishing soup you can make with palm nut. All it takes is an assortment of spice flavorings, an assortment of meat and fish, and finishing it off with a touch of beletete to elevate this soup. It’s an easy recipe that delivers terrific results!!! No worries GTAfricanMart will walk you through

Palm-nut soup with or without fresh fish

Banga Soup can be prepared using fresh catfish (fresh fish Banga soup) or dried/smoked fish.

In this recipe, I opted for dried fish and stockfish, but you can definitely use fresh catfish if that’s your preference.

Either way, this soup is very delicious with or without fresh catfish. You can even go a little further by adding okra. 

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  • 1 kg palm fruits or 800g tinned Palm Fruit Concentrate
  • Beef
  • Dry fish
  • Vegetable: scent leave for Ofe Akwu or dried and crushed bitter leaves for Delta-style Banga Soup
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 Tbsp ground crayfish
  • Salt and chilli pepper, to taste
  • Ogiri Okpei (Iru) (seasoning mix)
  • 1 – 2 big stock cubes


  • Extract the palm fruit concentrate from the palm fruits.
  • Cook the beef and the dry fish with 1 bulb of diced onion and the stock cubes till done.
  • Wash and cut the scent leaves into tiny pieces. The scent leaves give the Banga Stew (Ofe Akwu) its unique aroma and taste. This may be hard to find, so you can use pumpkin leaves or any other vegetable in place of scent leaves. If cooking Delta-style Banga Soup for starch, you should either cook this soup without vegetables or use dried and crushed bitter leaves.
  • Cut the remaining bulb of onion. Pound the crayfish, ogiri okpei and pepper in a mortar and set aside. You can also grind them with a dry mill.
  • Set the pot of palm fruit extract on the stove and start cooking at high heat. Leave to boil till you notice come red oil at the surface of the Banga Stew. If you think that the Banga Soup is watery, cook till the soup has thickened to the consistency you like for your stews.
  • Now, add the beef, dry fish and stock, the onions, crayfish and pepper and leave to boil very well.
  • Add the scent leaves or other vegetable and salt to taste. Leave to simmer for about 2 mins. The Banga Soup is done. Serve with white rice or use the Delta-style Banga Soup to eat Starch, Garri, Semo lina, Amala or Pounded Yam.

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